What do we do?

Print Advertising
We publish your display ads in full page or a fraction of page, in full color or black & white, also we offer the classified section in black and withe printing.

Graphic Design
In our graphic design department, we have very professional and expertise people who are willing to help you out designing the perfect artwork, to introduce or promote the product and/or service in the most appropriate manner to our large group of readers.

Corporative Image Design
The corporative image is the symbol set that the Company uses to be different in itself through the market. The corporative image relates as a company appears through El Semanal we would be more than happy to help you out in this matter, creating a logo, symbol etc…

A whole campaign in Spanish language
If you are looking for a whole advertising campaign in the Spanish language, El Semanal is your best ally to get better rates through our media partners, consequently your advertising results will demonstrate that you have invested your money wisely.

Other Printing Services:
As El Semanal Magazine is printed in our own facilities, we do have all the equipment to print with a good quality and affordable prices, in all items that our client might need as:
Business cards
Manuals (stitched or spiraled)
Business forms
Presentation folders
Invoices, etc…

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